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Thursday, December 19


We are fighting every day and night against: 
1. Countering transnational organized crime, illicit trafficking and illicit drug     trafficking 
 2. Countering corruption 
 3. Terrorism prevention 
 4. Justice 
 5. Prevention, treatment and reintegration, and alternative development 
 6. Research, trend analysis and forensics 
 7. Policy support.

Speaking for Al-Jazeera the expert Marko Nicović explained that the situation additionally deteriorated due to poor training on sophisticated drug smuggling methods received by customs and police officers.

Commenting on a recent statement by UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov that some 80 percent of narcotics from Afghanistan were being shipped through the Balkans, Nicović also claimed that the most serious problem was that these drugs were stored in "in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania": 

"The smugglers have huge quantities of money at their disposal, in many secret places, which they use to easily bribe Police officers and judges, therefore the region is ideal for them, while it will take time to eradicate Southeast Europe's main problem, corruption." 

According to him, heroin is arriving to this region from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, mostly via Turkey and Bulgaria. However, another global drug route is brining cocaine to the Balkans - from South America, via seaports in Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. 

This expert explained that drug routes are now crossing in the Balkans - with one heading toward Western Europe, while the other has the U.S. and Canada as its destinations. 

At the same time, about 15 percent of the smuggled narcotics remain in the Balkan countries, where there are some 700,000 drugs addicts in the former Yugoslav republics and Greece and Albania. 

Nicović also told the news agency that Montenegro is mostly consuming "high quality Albania-made marijuana", followed by cocaine and synthetic drugs, which he described as "cheap, and easily accessible to youths". 

"A gram of cocaine costs EUR 50, while a dose of methamphetamines or ecstasy costs only three to four euros," he noted, and added that poor countries were now faced with a wave of synthetic drugs in their illegal markets, "which are much quicker to destroy central nervous system and health of young people".

Friday, June 14


Aleksandar Vucic, the serbian First deputy Prime Minister announced at the beginning of the year that Darko Saric would be arrested until June. He then said that ‘Serbia has very good cooperation with all significant European and world Intelligente Services in an attempt to locate Saric. 

"There is no doubt that Darko Saric his testifying might have effects on the security and political situation in Serbia. The latest information that Serbian police have indicate that Saric is in Montenegro where he has been hiding for several months already. 
The ‘Balkan Warrior’ INTERPOL' action,  launched in October of 2009, was aimed on confiscation of drugs and arrest of many Saric’s associates. In the meantime charges have been raised against him and his associates for smuggling of more than five tons of cocaine for more than 200 million Euros.

Villas, apartments and companies that Saric had in Serbia have been confiscated and the majority of his associates have signed with Serbian prosecution agreement on pleading guilty for shorter prison sentences in return. Darko Saric’s messages are being conveyed by several of his people and they are sent to the most influential individuals in Serbia powerful enough to be included in those negotiations. "Saric is sending his people from Montenegro to Serbia and they are trying to make the best possible deal for their boss".